1st autonomous mini-cars race powered by IOT, AI and 5G

Axionable and Claridion work together to realize the AxioNaut5G project in Montreal, the 1st autonomous mini-cars race powered by AI and 5G


Axionaut is an advanced AI project centered around an autonomous mini-car. The Axionaut is powered by an advanced neural network developed by our partner Axionable and the open source community. This project has an educational objective on several levels:


  • Understand the challenges of controlling autonomous vehicles

  • Perceive the complexity of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in this field

  • Train the next generation and develop the scientific interest in a field of intelligent transportation

  • Forming and mobilizing a community around an inclusive scientific project

With the support ENCQOR5G , CENTECH, PROMPT and AIoT Canada

With the partnership of


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