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AIoT Canada Innovation Center 


- Open space -

- Expertise -

- Creativity -

- Collaboration -

AioT Canada is working on creating a Canada-wide network of existing AI and IoT Lab in order to provide access to cutting-edge technologies to its members.
These partner labs will provide access to their facilities to test, develop PoC or experiment on available solutions.
We are currently actively looking for partners willing to join our community in building this 
AI / IoT nationwide innovation network. We need your collaboration to make this happen, please fill the form below or contact us at for more information on how you can become part of this amazing initiative.
Furthermore, AioT Canada is presently working with the Centech on creating our very own and first IoT Living Lab in Montreal within CENTECH future AI Living Lab. This collaboration will create an fantastic space that will help large enterprise and start-up alike accelerate proof of concept and explore new ideas.

    Living LAB      

From Wikipedia:

”A living lab is a research concept. A living lab is a user-centered, open-innovation ecosystem, often operating in a territorial context (e.g. city, agglomeration, region), integrating concurrent research and innovation processes[ within a public-private-people partnership.

The concept is based on a systematic user co-creation approach integrating research and innovation processes. These are integrated through the co-creation, exploration, experimentation and evaluation of innovative ideas, scenarios, concepts and related technological artifacts in real life use cases. Such use cases involve user communities, not only as observed subjects but also as a source of creation.


This approach allows all involved stakeholders to concurrently consider both the global performance of a product or service and its potential adoption by users. This consideration may be made at the earlier stage of research and development and through all elements of the product life-cycle, from design up to recycling.”


    Education  &  Training    

  1. To understand AIoT technical elements

  2. To go beyond technical elements (e.g. Design thinking, privacy impact assessment etc.) 

  3. To lead AIoT-based transformations

  4. To help build roadmap for the real-world application of AIoT technologies

  5. Product / Platform oriented training (e.g. Agile)

  6. Custom oriented training 

  2019- 2020 Curriculum to come soon…



Technology Mentorship :

From one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many entrepreneurs who need access to other entrepreneurs and experts who have experience in building and growing successful IoT solutions will lend their time and expertise to accelerate the learning and growth of our mentorees.


AIoT Canada aims to have a new cohort of mentorees every quarter.

Candidates will be selected trough a panel of industry experts.


      Business development     


​Business Accelerator

  1. Brain storming session with industry expert (e.g. business case, business model etc.)

  2. Customized Show & Tell tecno/business session

Network accelerator

  1. AIoT speed dating session

  2. Business problem needing to be solve / Customer addressing the AIoT community








Do you have an AIoT solution you would like to show case ?

Do you want to become a sponsor for the AIoT Canada Innovation Center?

Can you provide equipment in exchange for marketing exposure?

We need volunteers, tech, admin & ambassadors.

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