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Montréal, September 27th, 2021 — AIoT Canada, the Canadian association whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) for AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Canada, is pleased to announce the appointment of Michel Langelier as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Having held several senior management positions, Mr. Langelier has developed extensive experience in strategy, operations management, as well as partnership development.

For more than 25 years, Michel has directed national organizations as well as institutes and learned societies, including the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and the ADRIQ (Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l'innovation au Québec). He was also at the helm of the CEFRIO, a research center that aims to facilitate the development and use of digital technologies used in industry, and in various spheres of society.


Through his career, Michel has accompanied more than a hundred companies, associations, and groups in the implementation of strategies and business plans, as well as facilitating consortiums and groups aiming to adopt innovative practices/products or services.

He holds an Executive MBA, as well as several coaching courses. He recently completed a certificate in "Innovation Leadership" at the MIT. He is passionate about public policy and in generating human impact in all of his endeavors, not to mention sports. 

"On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I am pleased to welcome Michel to the strong team at AIoT Canada," said René Breyel, President of the organization. He also thanks, Mrs. Nesrine Zemirli, for devoting the past year in directing AIoT Canada’s operations. 

This announcement comes as part of the new strategic plan recently endorsed by the Board of Directors. The association, a Canadian industrial cluster, wants to increase awareness of the importance of accelerating the use of the Internet of Things to help Canada embrace the new economy: the digital economy, which is powered by the wise and responsible use of data.

To do this, Canada must continue its race to support homegrown industry and improve skills in the various workplaces.


AIoT Canada is a non-profit organization (NPO) created in 2019 to promote the adoption, development, and operationalization of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies for AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Canada. 

The association represents over 1200 members and partners across the country dedicated to promoting the industry's outreach and economic development, fostering responsible practices and supporting the development of tomorrow's digital talent. 

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