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Born in New-Brunswick and electrical and computer engineer by trade, I have been working in the IoT field for 10 years.

From 2013 to present, I have worked in several roles at Nutaq, a Canadian manufacture of testing solutions for cellular and IoT device validations (5G, NB-IoT and LTE-M). During this period, as a VP of Sales, I help set up commercial partnerships with leading manufacturers of 5G and IoT modems such as Ublox, lead the company throughout a restructure aimed at focusing on the 5G business as a board member and consultant, took part annually in the Mobile World Congress exhibitions in Barcelona and San Francisco where I was able to follow the evolution of the IoT including technologies and business models, and, finally, I was exposed to the development of new IoT devices of more than 200 companies in different sectors (industrial, automotive, farmer, smart city and utilities, among others).

Since 2018, I have been the president and founder of Altus Technologie (of its legal name "Industrial IoT Inc."), a startup that designs and manufactures IoT sensors on LoraWAN, NB-IoT and LTE-M standards and offers solutions for remote monitoring and control for the manufacturing sector. The company counts among its clients major Quebec manufacturing companies in the food sector in particular like Sobeys and  Olymel.

I am involved in several IoT projects in Quebec, including a research project led by Professor Dr Ahmed Messaoud Ouameur of UQTR aimed at increasing the robustness of wireless technologies exploiting unlicensed spectrum (e.g. LoraWAN) for critical industrial applications. I am also leading an ENCQOR 5G Innovation research project on a heterogeneous sensor network which combines LoraWAN and 5G for Industry 4.0 applications whose tests take place on an Ericsson 5G testbed. I have been called upon to collaborate with several companies and university researchers on various wireless projects over the past decade, notably with Vidéotron, Bombardier, Laval University, ETS, Concordia, the Western University in Ontario, among others.

As Practice Director of AIoT Canada, I serve to provide members technological and system knowledge where needed, mainly in wireless technologies, and am ready to leverage my personal network which includes hundreds of companies working in IoT worldwide (connectivity providers, manufacturers, integrators, platform providers, etc.).

I'm excited about discussions on IoT technologies and to put my knowledge at the service of Quebec and Canadian partners of AIoT Canada. 

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