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Promote your brand with AIoT Canada by having your service solutions or logo displayed exclusively within AIoT Canada's "Connect" B2B platform. Your ad will be seen by more than 5,000 AIoT Canada members/subscribers and potential users/partners every day. The ad will be displayed next to every discussion post and will be showcased multiple times within every email sent out from the Open Forum (daily digest, real time, etc.) feature.

Note that there is only one advertiser per month, ensuring your exclusivity per community of practice.

Fees Ad Content.png


  • AIoT Canada provides the advertiser major recognition by placing the ad image in the selected community's discussion form.

  • The advertising provides the logo or ad image to AIoT Canada

  • The advertising provides the URL to which the ad image will link.

Rules specific to the current block of Community Forum Ads

  • Advertiser can only buy one ad in this block.

  • Advertiser gets to choose the month they run in based on the order of purchase.


  • Acceptable image file formats include .jpg or .png file types.

  • The image may be updated at any time by sending a new image and URL to AIoT Canada, or by sending a schedule along with multiple ad images.


  • The preference is to allow AIoT Canada members/partners to benefit the first right of agreement from this advertisement opportunity. As such,

  • Once the advertising opportunity is announced, it will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Ads will be sold on a month-to-month basis.

  • Payment must me received to guarantee the placement of the ad.

  • Consecutive month advertising may be allowed.

  • AIoT Canada reserves the right to allow consecutive month advertising based on demand.

  • A limited number of requests will be received as we gauge the effectiveness, pricing, and value of this new initiative.


Ads can be displayed in several places on the platform.

In our communities, you can place ads in several strategic locations.

Discussion ads

It is possible to display in discussion. If it is the case, then where a discussion ad displays depends on whether it's a Banner ad or a Post ad:

  • Banner ads are singular and display only at the top of the discussion thread. The recommended maximum dimensions (in pixels) for banner ads is 728 wide x 90 high.

  • Post ads display next to each post within a Discussion thread (e.g., if there are six posts, the ad displays six times) AND at the bottom of Daily Digest and Real Time email messages. The recommended maximum dimensions (in pixels) for post ads is 200 wide x 200 high.


Email Ads

Ads configured to display in email messages appear in Discussions (Real-TimeDaily Digest, and Consolidated) email messages.

By default, ads appear at the bottom of these email messages, as shown below, but it can be changed.


Website Ads

You can also put ads on the site. They appear on the home page and on other pages of the platform. Contact us for more information.

Community Ad Builder

You can also publish ads on the site in designated areas decided by the administration of the platform. It can be present anywhere as long as the administration team agrees.


Image dimensions should be 170x200 pixels or similar, and no larger than 200x200 pixels.

Community Ad Builder.png


  • All advertising must be submitted to AIoT Canada for review, and if determined objectionable will not be accepted.

  • AIoT Canada reserves the right to limit the number of ads on any given webpage page, the number of specific types of ads on a specific webpage or on the website as a whole, or to refuse to publish adds that are deemed inappropriate for the AIoT audience, based purely on what AIoT Canada judges to be in the best interest of "Connect" communities.

  • All payments are non-refundable unless it is proven that AIoT Canada has inadvertently failed to respect the AD placement.

  • Only credit card payments are accepted.

  • Advertising rates are non-commissioned; all rates shown are net. Advertisers agree to pay all expenses incurred in connection with preparing submitted copy, artwork, and photo images camera-ready in accordance with the published mechanical requirements.

  • Advertisers agree to pay all expenses incurred in connection with collection, including attorney fees.

  • There will be no adjustments, reinsertion or refunds made because of the position in which an advertisement has been placed.

  • AIoT Canada's liability for errors shall not exceed the cost of space occupied by an ad published incorrectly. Credit will be allowed for the insertion only. Claims for errors must be made within 10 days of the published date. Credit will not be considered if copy or corrections received sign-off approval, and/or were submitted after published deadlines. The publisher assumes no liability for the omission of an ad from any edition in which such advertising was scheduled or ordered. In the event of such an omission, the advertiser may select another edition for publication or cancel such advertisement without cost or penalty.

  • The advertiser assumes liability for advertising published and agrees to assume all responsibility for claims or actions occurring against the publisher on behalf of the ad.

  • The publisher reserves the right to amend the terms, conditions, and rates specified in this document at any time without prior written notice affecting future placements affecting future placements.

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