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AIoT Canada brings together AI and IoT practitioners and enthusiasts to foster an ecosystem that supports and accelerates the market adoption of these technologies.


Unite and engage key stakeholders across Canada to promote and facilitate the widespread adoption of AIoT technologies and solutions.
Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to Canada's socio-economic development and ensure the Canadian AIoT industry's competitiveness in both local and 
international markets.


AIoT Canada has chosen to operate within a governance framework that respects the following core values:


Collaboration is the core value of AIoT Canada. This is a collaboration between industry and research; between provincial associations; between consultants, SMEs and industry groups; it is inter-sectional and transdisciplinary collaboration, even international collaboration.

Integrity and respect

The establishment of an ecosystem connecting many partners imposes a federated governance framework espousing respect for others, integrity of decisions and multiple financial, legal and contractual agreements. AIoT Canada has a responsibility to ensure the integrity and respect within the ecosystem formed by its members.


AIoT Canada is an organization that acts as a catalyst for innovation. Its members aspire to push the boundaries and shape the future of our society through creativity, research, development and technological adaptation.

Knowledge sharing

It has now become impossible to develop an AIoT solution without relying on partners who have complementary knowledge and capabilities. Education, training and knowledge sharing are essential to the success of our Mission.

Diversity and inclusion

AIoT Canada promotes diversity and inclusion to drive innovation and growth, to guide us, to unite and inspire us in our day-to-day activities and in our decision-making. We believe that there is a growing need to promote diversity and inclusion, rather than retreating into ourselves.

Download the General Guidelines document here:

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