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AIoT Canada
Experts Panels

An advisory service to guide your AI and IoT journey

The Experts Panel is an advisory service staffed by AIoT Canada experts in
different functional areas to help answer critical questions related to AI and IoT.

Service Highlights


  • Each panel expert is vetted by members of AIoT Canada Industry Support Group (ISG).

  • Each panel expert has accepted to follow a mandatory Code of Conduct. 

  • Panels consist of 3 to 5 experts

  • The service is available to AIoT Canada members and non-members alike.

    • There is a cost to the service but, AIoT Canada members will may benefit from substantial rebates and possible free sessions

  • A session with an Experts Panel is for a maximum of 60 min and is structured to provide insights into plausible solutions to a host of challenges that may face your company with AI and IoT initiatives. 

  • Experts Panels domains of service:

  • Artificial Intelligence services, software and algorithms

  • Business Intelligence solutions with Business-driven dashboard

  • IoT Certification and conformity

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data Bases, Virtualized servers with all IoT related applications

  • Edge Devices and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures optimized for IoT

  • Objects Connectivity (WiFi, LPWan, NB-IoT, BT, Lora, Sigfox, SIM 3,4,5G, etc.)

  • Smart Objects (electronic, sensors, packaging, connectivity components,etc.)

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  • BECOME A MEMBER of AIoT Canada   (Ecosystem members have a priority)

  • Agree to our Code of Conduct

  • Complete this Application Form

  • If selected, you will have an interview with the ISG selection comity

  • Agree to commit to 1 year participation

  • Sign a MNDA

 If you are interested in a domain not currently supported, please contact the Experts Panels Program Coordinator. (

  • Fill up the request form

  • Agree to the AIoT Canada Experts Panels non-liability clause

  • Complete a post-consultation survey to provide feedback to help us improve the program

  • BECOME A MEMBER of AIoT Canada to benefit from discounted price and more

  • If you have additional questions, please visit our Q&A page or contact the Experts Panels Program Coordinator. (

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Interested to receive services from our Experts Panel?


Please fill the contact form for details:

You can also view the program Q&A at this link.

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