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Powering Innovations

Financing Options and Consolidation Prospects for AI and IoT Companies

AIoT CANADA, in collaboration with Desjardins Caisses des Technologies, is pleased to provide the recording of our in-person networking event that took place on June 13th, 2023.

The event was under the theme:
Powering Innovation: Financing Options and Consolidation Prospects for AI and IoT Companies 

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Desjardins Caisse Des Technologies and AIoT Canada are delighted to invite you to our next webinar entitled :


Changing Market: Winning Strategies for AI & IoT Companies


This webinar takes place on September 29 at noon, and follows on from the June 13 panel on financing and consolidation prospects for AI and IoT companies. Don't forget to register and join the conversation with our experts!



We'll be discussing current challenges such as declining investment and the increasing complexity of valuing companies in these sectors.  But don't worry, we'll also tell you about opportunities, particularly in the field of mergers and acquisitions. 


Our speakers will be :

  • Mr. Nick Nardi, M&A expert in the IoT and AI sector

  • Dr Samir Mounir, expert in financing innovative companies and Director of Business and Market Development at Desjardins Caisse des Technologies

  • Eric Janosz, co-founder of AIoT Canada and cybersecurity expert


Together, they will share their advice and insights to help you enhance the value of your company and attract value-added investment. 


Don't miss this opportunity to update your knowledge and discuss crucial strategies for positioning and financing in the AI and IoT sectors. Register now and see you soon at the webinar!

Financing Options for AI and IoT Companies.

With Samir Mounir, Executive - Financing - IA-IoT-IT at Desjardins Caisse des Technologies. (Date to be determined)

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