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Code of Conduct for AIoT Canada Consortium's SWAT Team Members




The AIoT Canada Consortium is an organization that brings together experts in artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies to promote innovation, collaboration, and economic growth in these fields. Members of the AIoT Canada Consortium's SWAT Teams are committed to upholding the principles outlined in this code of conduct to ensure the success of their projects and maintain the consortium's reputation.


The SWAT Teams aim to assist the public and businesses in need of their specific expertise in addressing IoT and AI-related issues by providing them with preliminary analysis and recommendations. This may involve a member of the AIoT Canada Consortium or external businesses.


Conduct rules for AIoT Canada Consortium's SWAT Team Members:


  1. Commitment to AIoT Canada Consortium
    SWAT Team members must commit to supporting the AIoT Canada Consortium's mission and objectives. They must work diligently to achieve expected outcomes and provide high-quality contributions.

  2. Availability
    SWAT Team members must be available to participate in SWAT Team activities, whether internal meetings or meetings with the public. They must inform their team leader in case of unavailability or delay.

  3. Professional Representation
    SWAT Team members must represent the consortium and its members in a professional manner. They must maintain appropriate appearance and demeanor, as well as professional and respectful verbal and written communication. They must also maintain impeccable behavior at all times.

  4. Effective Communication and Collaboration
    SWAT Team members must collaborate and communicate transparently and effectively with other team members and the served public.

  5. Respect for Other Team Members
    SWAT Team members must treat all team members with respect and dignity. They must avoid offensive or discriminatory behaviors or comments.

  6. Respect for the SWAT team's technological mission
    SWAT Team members must respect the SWAT team's technological mission, as defined by the AIoT Canada Consortium. They must work closely with other team members to achieve the objectives sought by their interlocutors.

  7. Members' technological expertise
    SWAT Team members must ensure and prove that they possess the required technological expertise to meet the needs of the served public. They must also be able to understand the objectives and requirements of the served public to provide appropriate recommendations and solutions.

  8. Impartiality towards commercial solutions
    SWAT Team members must remain impartial towards proposed commercial solutions. They must recommend the most appropriate solutions based on the needs of the served public, without consideration for personal or commercial interests.

  9. Compliance with current laws
    SWAT Team members must comply with current laws in Quebec and Canada, particularly regarding privacy and data protection. They must also abide by the AIoT Canada Consortium's rules and policies.

  10. Respect for confidentiality
    SWAT Team members must treat all information and data related to projects with the utmost confidentiality. They must commit not to disclose confidential information to third parties without prior authorization.

  11. Respect for intellectual property
    SWAT Team members must respect the intellectual property rights of consortium members and third parties. They must not use, reproduce, distribute, or modify protected works without express authorization.


By following these principles, AIoT Canada Consortium's SWAT Team members can contribute to the success of their projects and enhance the consortium's reputation in the Canadian technology industry.


Additional conduct rules for SWAT Team organizer members:


  1. SWAT Team administration
    Organizer members must support the validation and nomination processes for new members of SWAT Teams, ensuring that new members possess the necessary skills and share the values and code of conduct of the AIoT Canada Consortium.

  2. SWAT Team Animation
    Organizer members must facilitate internal meetings of these teams, ensuring that members have the opportunity to express themselves and contribute constructively while keeping discussions centered on the SWAT Team's objectives and projects.

  3. Code of Conduct promotion and support
    Organizer members must communicate and ensure the respect of the code of ethics by members, providing clear guidance and promptly addressing any inappropriate behavior.

  4. Respectful communication and coordination among SWAT Team members
    Organizer members must ensure fair and appropriate participation of SWAT Team members based on their expertise and competence, assigning tasks and responsibilities according to each member's skills and experience, while ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and develop within the team.


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