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AIoT Canada's B2B Platform

Welcome to AIoT Canada's B2B platform!

This page will explain you how to sign, create your profile, and how the platform works!

First of all to register when you are a new member, you have to click on "Sign in" on the top right of the screen and then on "New User/Register Now". If you are already registered, simply fill your email address and your password and click on "Sign in".


Once you've signed in, the most important thing to do is to complete your profile!

To access your profile, you have to click on your profile picture on the top right of the page.



Once you have clicked on the picture, click on "Profile" to access your profile account, "Communities" to access the communities you belong, "X unread" to read the messages you received, and "Log out" to log out.




You can choose to upload a profile picture, share your social networks, write down a biography, your education, professional history, professional associations, your function in the company you work for, what is your technology stack, and your adoption markets.


Communities are the equivalent of forums where people can discuss around a specific topic. For example, in the community "Smart Cities", members of this community can exchange information, resources, and questions around the topic of "Smart cities."


In the header, you can click on the "Communities / Communauté". Doing so will show you 3 hyperlinks: Open forum, My Communities, and Suggested Communities.

The Open forum

The Open Forum is a community where you will find all the posts, published content, blogs and other that you are able to see. The content you can see is the one of the communities you belong to.

My Communities

When clicking on "My Communities", you will find all the communities you already belong to.

Suggested Communities

Here, you will find all the communities to which you belong to and those you are allowed to join.


On the Connect platform, your main activity will be to post "threads"


In a community, you can publish and read posts in "Threads".

To do so, go to the community where you want to publish your post, then click on "Start a thread".

You have 2 types of thread available: Open-ended discussion and Questions to be answered. They are shown with these symbols in the list of threads to distinguish them from each other.

You can attack a document to your thread, use tags (#).

When you are ready to publish you can either post it right now or schedule to post it at the time you want. If you are not yet done, you can save it as a draft. And if you want to cancel your post, click on "Cancel".

In the thread section, you can also choose to follow discussions by clicking on the ellipsis. Once you do so, a star will appear next to the discussion you chose to follow.

If you think a discussion is inappropriate, you can report it as inappropriate by clicking on the ellipsis.



The library is a place where users can share files, including multimedia, in a socially-enriched environment.


If you have been chosen by AIoT Canada, you can write blogs for the community.


This section of the community shows you all the upcoming events destined to this community.


Here, you can look for the people who are members of the community. However, the people who are not member of this community will not appear.

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