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Hire an intern immediately
- Work Integrated Learning Program -


Short of manpower for your IT needs?

In partnership with ICTC, The Information and Communications Technology Council, AIoT Canada is pleased to offer its members the support needed to help you implement this initiative. 


This initiative is inspired by our mutual desire to help the AIoT Industry/ecosystem address the challenges of attracting sufficient talent and building the digital skills in this sector to enable our Canadian companies to be successful. 


From now until March 31, 2022, you can take advantage of direct support for your business. 


You can receive up to 7500$ assistance to host an intern within your company (full and part-time). You can also be eligible for more than one position, and we have also under some conditions the possibility of renewal. 


For more information, please contact and specify your need. 


Members in good standing with a valid job description will be given priority. 


Considering that we have been allocated a limited block of subsidized internship, we are therefore going to prioritize allocations based on allowing the greatest number of our members to quickly access this program while optimizing the number of internship opportunities amongst our membership bases. 


If we are successful to quickly use the allocation block, AIoT Canada will petition for the industry to access a larger block in the future.

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