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What is it

The AIOT Canada Forum (the Forum) objective is to provide its participants the opportunity to connect and interact with other members on AIOT topics – including but not limited to – technology, business, governance.

Forum participation is available to Ecosystem members, the AIOT Canada Board members, and staff or contractors. 

The Forum is set up as a Slack workspace called AIoT Canada Forum, administered and moderated by the @Admin member with the email address 

Becoming a Participant


Participation in the Forum is by invitation from the forum Admin, sent to existing Ecosystem members at the Forum launch or new Ecosystem members.

NOTE:  Accepting the invitation and creating a Slack account with the AIoT Canada Forum workspace, means that you agree to the rules and guidelines  set out in this document. If you have concerns with these rules and guidelines, please do not accept. Address any questions or concerns to the forum Admin at

The initial invitation is sent to the primary contact and email address on record for an Ecosystem (company) member – this is the Primary Participant for that Ecosystem member. 

After joining the Forum, the Primary Participant may designate up to 2 additional employees, partners, or coworkers from the member company to join the Forum (with the same email domain name) by sending names and contact information to the forum Admin by email.  The Admin will send the join invitation to the designated members.


Discussion Channels


Five default channels are setup at Forum launch – #aiot-technology, #aiot-business, #aiot-governance, #announcements, and #info plus the usual #general channel.

Additional channels may be added by AIOTC or requested by any Participant. The request is made by a direct message to Admin. The objective of the Forum is to meet members' varied discussion needs through unique discussion channels.  However, to contain the number of channels and avoid dilution, Admin may decline a new channel if there's duplication or significant overlap with existing channels. 

By default, and in general, all discussion channels will be open to all Participants. There may be some exceptions, such as when a new approved AIOTC working group is formed that requires a level of initial privacy or non-distraction for their inner working. Such channels will always have at least one member of the board or AIOTC staff as a channel participant.

The following are the scopes of the default channels:

#aiot-technology - Discussions about technologies related to AIoT.

#aiot-business - Discussion about business related to AIoT

#aiot-governance - Discussion about governance, regulations, or policies related to AIoT.

#announcements - Announce your company news, products, or events here.

#info - Place to receive info and ask questions about the Forum or request assistance.

#general – This is the one channel that will always include everyone and a spot for team-wide conversations.



Channel participants are encouraged to self-moderate to ensure discussions remain within the intended scope of a channel.  The Admin or a designated moderator will also observe channels and offer reminders to realign should the discussion significantly diverge from the channel scope or become out of step of participation guidelines (below).  In some cases, a participant may be warned about guidelines compliance and may have their participation privilege removed after repeated warnings.



Participation Rules and Guidelines

The following are participation rules and guidelines:

  • Use only respectful and inclusive language. Discriminatory (e.g., based on gender, race, religion, disability, and other) or disparaging language is not allowed.

  •  Always use a channel for the intended subject and avoid posting the same message on multiple channels.

  • Member company products, news, or event announcements are generally restricted to the #announcements channel. Member company product or event announcements are allowed on other channels only if the information is related to the discussion's context.

  • Participants within a channel are encouraged to moderate themselves to remain within the intended channel topic.

  • Be frugal with the use of @channel in messages to limit the number of notifications to other members.

  • Questions about the Forum – its guidelines, operation, and assistance – should be submitted to the #info channel. This channel will also be the source of announcements and policy for the Forum.

  • The Forum is a service to the AIOTC membership and is considered confidential among the members. Therefore, participants must not share the contents of discussions or other forum participants' identity in public or other fora.

  • Primary and designated participants will be removed from the Forum if a membership expires and is not renewed.

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