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When AI and IoT meet!

The AIoT market will grow 39% yearly, to reach 65 billion dollars within the next 5 years. (source:

The launch on the market of a growing number of new IoT solutions that integrate advanced data analysis platforms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. They provide the capability of simplifying the management of connected devices, traditionally complex especially as the number of smart objects increases.

The imaginable applications that integrate IoT and AI are innumerable and will have a radical impact on companies, public administrations and consumers. Consider, for example, the dressing rooms of shops equipped with transparent and touch displays (Smart Retail), able not only to provide all the information requested by the user in real time, but also - thanks to the new Artificial Intelligence algorithms - to understand it in the time your preferences and show the products of greatest interest.

Another example concerns the possibility that wearable devices applied in the industrial field, for example inside a factory (Smart Factory), can collect information on the working environment and, in a completely autonomous way, understand if the worker is exposed to a dangerous situation, promptly provide an alert.

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